Search GT is a fast file search add-on for Windows®. It allows you to find pictures, music, documents and other files instantly.

Completely integrated into Windows Explorer – Search GT looks very similar to Windows native File Search tool, so you already know how to use it!

Modern hard drives usually hold a huge number of files, and finding a specific file or folder may become a painful experience. Try Search GT – it takes a couple of seconds to traverse a hundred thousand files and find the ones that you need.

So, what makes the searches so fast? Search GT reads file system directly, bypassing Windows system libraries normally used for file enumeration. This allows to get the results fast and makes sure they are always up to date.

Key features of Search GT:

1. Very fast searching speed – up to 100 times faster than ordinary search when searching local hard drives. Most searches are completed within 2..4 seconds.

2. No performance footprint on the system. Search GT is using system resources only while the user is searching.

3. No indexing. Search GT does not work in the background and writes nothing to the hard drive, except for user search settings.

4. Complete integration into Windows Explorer. Search GT duplicates the Windows File Search functionality (check the screenshots). You start the search and get the search results within the Windows Explorer window.

5. Always “up-to-date” search results. All file system changes (added/removed files, changed file names, etc.) are immediately reflected in the search results window.

Some tips on using Search GT:

a) You may prefer to use Search GT to find a file even if you do know its location. Starting a search from the root of the drive is often faster than browsing to the desired directory.

b) You might want to quickly add all mp3 files from entire hard drive into a playlist of a media player. Just run a search, select all results and use ordinary Windows Explorer context menu to play the files.

c) Advanced users might want to search for a virus/rootkit file that is hiding itself by hijacking Windows system libraries. Search GT is scanning NTFS drives directly – so it’ll find any file existing on the drive.

d) Server administrators might need to use such a “fast file search” utility to search NTFS drives with very high number of files (over a million). Usual file search takes enormous amount of time on such volumes, while Search GT handles it in seconds.

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